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  • Listening to: Lindsey Stirling
  • Reading: fanfiction
  • Watching: Orphan Black
  • Playing: Volt White 2 Nuzlocke
  • Eating: Dove Milk Chocolate
  • Drinking: Diet Sprite
(also, Gogoat are still cool)

Writ this day,
June 1, 2013,
From my home laptop



(In order of priority more or less but by no means the order in which they will be done)
also, not so much accurate but I can't be arsed to try to fix it atm; it's not entirely wrong but not really right either.

:bulletblack: Daily life stuff like practicing various audition music/recital pieces/concert pieces [ongoing and more often than not ignored]
:bulletorange: Project: Legends [Pokémon AU fanfic; ACTUALLY BEING WROTE OMG]
:bulletblack: something secret
:bulletorange: PoI [Pokémon AU fanfic; pseudo sequel/spin-off of Project Legends; sometimes looked at and thought about]
:bulletorange: Time and Loses [Pokémon AU fanfic; psuedo sequel/spin-off of Project Legends; thought about slightly more than PoI]
:bulletblack: Need You Now [Pokémon fanfic; Hilda/Cheren; thought about when bored in class]
:bulletorange: Total Madness Survival [Pokémon-based Survivor/TDI fanfic starring original characters of mine and my friends; crosses mind once in a blue moon]
:bulletblack: Blaze Black Nuzlocke (In-game progress: somewhere idk actually) [sort of like a Black Nuzlocke on steroids; shirking for other duties]
:bulletorange: HG Nuzlocke (In-game progress: Morty) [Pokémon Special universe based Nuzlocke exploring concept in that background; has not been worked on in months]
:bulletblack: White Nuzlocke (In-game progress: Clay) [Pokémon Nuzlocke; worked on as recently as HG Nuzlocke]
:bulletorange: White 2 Nuzlocke (In-game progress: Elesa) [Pokémon Nuzlocke; sequel to White Nuzlocke; worked on not recently]
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Submitted on
November 22, 2011